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Rehabilitation Centers Jacksonville FL

Local resource for rehabilitation centers in Jacksonville, FL. Here you will find listings of local rehabilitation treatment centers that specialize in alcohol and drug abuse treatments. Treatments may involve both medical and psychotherapeutic practices. Substance rehabilitation allows the patient to terminate drug abuse and avoid the many consequences associated with it such as: psychological, legal, financial, social, and physical. Various programs are accessible such as a residential (in-patient) treatments, out-patient treatments, local support groups, consultation with a rehabilitation counselor and extended care centers.

Jacksonville Metro Treatment Center
(904) 398-7015
3609 Emerson Street
Jacksonville, FL
Greenfield Center
(904) 389-3784
3 Shircliff Way
Jacksonville, FL
Lakeview Health Systems LLC
(904) 727-6455
1900 Corporate Square Boulevard
Jacksonville, FL
Gateway Community Services Inc
(904) 387-4661
555 Stockton Street
Jacksonville, FL
Northwest Behavioral Health Services
(904) 781-7797x22
2392 North Edgewood Avenue
Jacksonville, FL
Stepping Stone Center for Recovery
(904) 446-1041
1815 Corporate Square Boulevard
Jacksonville, FL
Wekiva Springs
(904) 296-3533
3947 Salisbury Road
Jacksonville, FL
River Region Human Services Inc
(904) 899-6300
390 Park Street
Jacksonville, FL
River Region Human Services Inc
(904) 899-6300x4300
2981 Parental Home Road
Jacksonville, FL
Sigma Center for Counseling
(904) 981-9881
1727 Blanding Boulevard
Jacksonville, FL